STV celebrates opening of new PA highway with PennDOT and community leaders as part of the Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation Project

by AJOT  • Jun 30, 2022

Milestone project for PennDOT District 3-0 eases ongoing traffic concerns

Multimodal Indian movement for power plant to Bangladesh

by AJOT  • Jun 29, 2022

Total Movements, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, moved five units of Power Plant Equipment and Accessories with the widest piece being 8 m wide and the heaviest weighing 110 tons from manufacturers site in India to the designated export Indian export port

LEEA welcomes UKCA marking change after government discussions

by AJOT  • Jun 29, 2022

On 20 June, the UK government announced a change to policy on UKCA marking, that addresses some of the concerns of members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) and which will be considered at the next Technical Committee meeting.
MTI Logistics unload new Japanese ferry
by AJOT  • 15 hours ago
WorldACD: Trends for the past 5 weeks (wk 25)
by AJOT  • Jul 01, 2022
WorldACD: Trends for the past 5 weeks (wk 24)
by AJOT  • Jun 24, 2022
BSMG unload 6000 MT of building iron
by AJOT  • Jun 21, 2022

Whats this about?

It is the “uncontained” shipments that draw a lifetime allegiance of purveyors of the business. As one MPV (Multi Purpose Vessel) analyst bluntly said as an aside, “Boxes are boring.”

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