Wilson Sons attends the largest fertilizer ship ever docked in the Port of Santos

by AJOT  • Jan 31, 2023

Affinity Diva: Record-breaking 85,200-ton fertilizer cargo at the Port of Santos

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and INPEX complete conceptual study for ammonia bunkering vessel

by AJOT  • Feb 02, 2023

• Conceptual study for ammonia bunkering vessel to supply fuel to ammonia-fueled vessels completed for contributing to coming carbon neutral society • With the knowledge on multi-purpose gas carriers capable of ammonia transport, technical development and commercialization will be further investigated so as to respond to the growing social needs

WinGD and CMB.TECH co-develop large ammonia-fueled engine

by AJOT  • Jan 31, 2023

WinGD and CMB.TECH bring combined expertise to zero-carbon fuel technology in groundbreaking collaboration for fleet of ammonia fuelled bulk carriers.

Deltamarin participates in Socatra sail conversion project

by AJOT  • Jan 31, 2023

Deltamarin and Socatra have signed a contract for a conversion basic design package for installing two Norsepower rotor sails onboard the 50,000dwt Chemical/Product tanker Alcyone.

US sets up dispute panel on Canadian dairy quotas under trade deal

by Bloomberg  • Feb 01, 2023

The US set up a second dispute-settlement panel to resolve differences with Canada over its dairy quotas, saying Ottawa is still undermining access to its market under a trade deal between the nations.

US border agents seize 300% more eggs from Americans looking for lower prices in Mexico

by Bloomberg  • Feb 02, 2023

With egg prices surging in the US, some Americans are trying to lower their grocery bills by buying them south of the border. The only problem: It’s illegal to bring them back into the country, and now seizures of eggs at some US-Mexico border crossings have surged more than 300%.

Ukraine seeks to expand steel exports, minister says
by Bloomberg  • Jan 19, 2023

Whats this about?

It is the “uncontained” shipments that draw a lifetime allegiance of purveyors of the business. As one MPV (Multi Purpose Vessel) analyst bluntly said as an aside, “Boxes are boring.”

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