Shorepower Technologies, Inc. (SPEV) (“Shorepower”), following it becoming a public company through its merger last year, has focused on bolstering its internal infrastructure, grant writing capabilities and sales.

Shorepower is now pleased to announce that it has been awarded two state grants in Washington. The wins are for facilities based in George and Union Gap, WA. The site in George will host four Level 2 charging stations and the site in Union Gap will host six Level 2 charging stations for a total of 10 new connection points. The Washington grant awards total $100,000. The total value of these projects is over $380,000, including the value of existing electrical infrastructure and Shorepower cost-share. Execution of the contract is anticipated in the very near future.

“With awards in New Hampshire, California and now Washington, we have demonstrated the strength of our grant writing capabilities. Importantly, every new win bolsters the value of our network, we are now over 1400 connection points and growing,” CEO Jeff Kim.

Tesla’s recent decision to reduce staff and scale back on their charging station network deployment, makes Shorepower’s efforts even more important to the build out of the electric vehicle ecosystem. The country’s charging station network remains woefully under covered.

Shorepower remains focused on building out their interstate strategy. Charging stations are most needed where urban infrastructure is limited. As such, the company continues to develop relationships with travel centers and other host-site operators to provide essential charging infrastructure services.