Double cropping insurance expansion, technical assistance for precision Ag, and domestic fertilizer support

President Biden’s three-pronged announcement to address food affordability and farmer costs amid the Russia/Ukraine conflict is one that America’s soybean farmers can get behind.

Brad Doyle, soybean and wheat farmer from Weiner, Arkansas, and American Soybean Association (ASA) President said, “The president is improving access to double cropping insurance coverage and technical assistance for precision agriculture and nutrient management, and he is investing more into domestic fertilizer production. We applaud this announcement and look forward to soybean farmers realizing these benefits.”

As the supply chain experiences complications during the current global environment, U.S. soybean farmers are proud to contribute high-quality protein to vulnerable populations worldwide and bolster our national security through food security. ASA appreciates the administration considering farmers’ role in the world economy and aiming to protect their profitability here at home.