InterMax Logistic Solutions Ltd, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Taiwan, arranged for the delivery of TP covers for offshore wind farms, loaded onto 5 X 40’FRs, which were over-width, from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. TP Covers are used as temporary protection device for offshore wind farms and it is a waterproof and sturdy cover.

The TP covers were packed to five 40’FRs which dimension were 7,50 x 6,58 x 2,81 meter with a single weight of 8000 kgs. The origin of the cargo was in Denmark and they got loaded onto an ocean vessel in Rotterdam for final destination Kaohsiung.

Special inspection was needed from Taiwan customs and InterMax helped the importer to solve documentation problems and coordinated duty and taxes payment. After the importer provided the required documentation in the morning, the cargo was released in the afternoon. In order to save the high storage cost across the weekend, InterMax arranged for the cranes and lifting equipment immediately, picked up the flat racks at night, delivered and off-loaded at final jobsite in early morning.