Lithos Energy Inc. (“Lithos”), a world leading manufacturer of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems engineered for the most demanding environments, launched at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan its latest generation of high voltage and low voltage battery pack solutions immediately available for client validation, and at scale production, in its newly opened state-of-the-art facility in Silicon Valley.

“The debut of our latest battery technology is the culmination of nearly a decade of designing, engineering, and manufacturing modular battery systems that excel in demanding environments,” commented James Meredith, President and Founder of Lithos. “Our revolutionary battery systems represent a decisive moment in providing accessible, scalable, cutting-edge technology for the rapidly electrifying mobility and energy storage industries.”

Lithos’ novel battery systems are custom engineered, by application, for eight core industries, including: automotive, marine, off-highway, energy storage, defense, construction, mining, and agriculture. In developing modularly customizable and cost-effective battery solutions, Lithos enables clients to take their products to market in a demonstrably faster time frame, and at high volume manufacturing.

Continued Meredith, “Our modular systems allow new clients with customized requirements, in some cases, to journey from initial engagement to revenue production in as fast as eight months, saving substantial development time and engineering costs versus competitors, while providing access to the highest quality cells and customized battery systems that lead in performance, safety, and reliability. Importantly, all Lithos packs are built application-specific for precise environmental and use-case scenarios, including size, shape, and energy requirements.”

Advantages of Lithos High and Low Voltage Battery Systems

Lithos’ latest generation High Voltage System is a 2170 cylindrical-based pack that offers industry-leading performance and safety in a compact design–in standard modules enabling rapid deployment and customization for a wide range of applications that demand high energy and power. Lightweight, IP67 rated, liquid cooled with integrated BMS, CAN 2.0B communications, Lithos High Voltage System is state-of-the-art, designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley–and ideally suited for use in a broad-spectrum of demanding environments.

Lithos Low Voltage System is a high density 2170 cylindrical-based system that offers passive propagation resistance in a compact design. Features include an integrated BMS, CAN 2.0B communications, IP67 ingress protection, drop rated to 1-meter, with high shock and vibration resistance. The Lithos Low Voltage System is ideally suited for specialty on-and-off road e-mobility, marine, industrial robots, telecom, and reserve power.

Lithos’ new battery systems are available now for client evaluation and application-specific customization toward at scale manufacturing in 2024.