KR announced that it has granted an Approval in Principle (AiP) for the 150K ultra-large ammonia carrier developed by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with them for the development of 9,300 TEU ammonia-fueled container ships on June 5th at Posidonia 2024.

The 150K ultra-large ammonia carrier was developed as part of a joint development project between KR and SHI. It is designed to transport large quantities of ammonia while using ammonia as a propulsion fuel, ensuring zero carbon emissions during operation.

SHI performed the conceptual design of the fuel system, addressing the characteristics of ammonia, including fuel supply, ventilation, and gas monitoring systems, and ensured that the basic design of the large tanks met the regulatory requirements. KR verified the safety of the ammonia fuel system, checked the suitability of the tank arrangement, and reviewed domestic and international regulations to confirm the design compliance of the ultra-large ammonia carrier.

JANG Haeki, Executive Vice President of SHI, Lee Yongsok

Meanwhile, on the same day as the AiP award ceremony, a signing ceremony of an MoU for the development of 9,300 TEU ammonia-fueled container ships also took place.

SHI will design the main system layout for applying ammonia fuel to neo-panamax 9,300 TEU container ships, and KR will verify the design compliance through the review of classification rules as well as domestic and international regulations, ultimately granting an AiP.

JANG Haeki, Executive Vice President of SHI, stated, "Clean ammonia is expected to play a significant role as an eco-friendly energy source and in energy transport for the future hydrogen society. We anticipate high market demand for ultra-large ammonia carriers to accommodate the expected increase in cargo volumes. The AiP will enable the rapid commercialization of ultra-large ammonia carriers, and based on this, we will collaborate with KR to lead the next-generation ship market by developing 9,300 TEU container carriers."

YEON Kyujin, Senior Vice President of KR, added, "The collaborative projects with SHI focusing on ammonia-fueled ships are pivotal in establishing a solid groundwork for the commercialization of ammonia fuel ship technology. KR remains committed to furthering the advancement of ammonia fuel propulsion technology and supporting decarbonization initiatives.”