The company met their client's request for this shipment to be delivered on a strict schedule, loading it via a gearless bulk vessel from Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan before onward transportation to Diliskelesi Port in Turkiye.

The dimensions of the cargo are shown as below:

Cargo Weight (WT) Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)

Box #1 40 7.7 4.8 3.7

Box #2 100 9.8 3.9 3.6

Due to FIOST shipping terms via the gearless bulk vessel, EZ Link provided their client and carrier with a full range of vessel clearance & cargo loading procedures.

For vessel clearance, the company took up full service as a port agent - from the pilot boarding their vessel to berthing, heavy lift operations, wharf, and lastly vessel departure.

As for loading procedures, EZ Link’s project team offered tailored service on each step including working with the stevedore on hook-off, shore crane lifting, longshoreman working on hook-on, and lashing/securing/dunging/welding for the ship's hatch.

"Our clients and the shipping owner were satisfied with our 'timely and reliable' service!"