Total Movements Pvt.Ltd, a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, executed a contract to arrange for the safe and timely delivery of five Deethanizer Condensers for an oil and gas project in Saudi Arabia.

The project team of Total Movements successfully executed this multimodal delivery in shipping the condensers via two modes: on flat rack containers and breakbulk for the over-width/height condensers on a container vessel.

A company spokesperson stated: “Our scope of work encompassed coordinating transportation from the supplier's facility to the load port, handling all export customs clearance processes, and efficiently loading the condensers into flat rack containers with secure lashing and securing techniques. We oversaw all port handling activities, ensuring the cargo was safely loaded, unloaded, and managed. Lastly, shipping the condensers from the west coast of India to the east coast of Saudi Arabia, adhering to all maritime regulations and standards.

Despite unexpected changes in the vessel schedule that threatened to delay the shipment, our team swiftly adapted by identifying an alternative load port and securing another vessel, ensuring the condensers were shipped on time to meet the project deadline.

By efficiently managing all aspects of the transportation process and swiftly addressing unforeseen challenges, we successfully delivered the condensers, supporting the execution of the oil and gas project in Saudi Arabia.”