Circle S.p.A. ("CIRCLE" or “the Company”) is an innovative SME leading a group specialised in developing and analysing cutting-edge digitalization solutions for port and intermodal logistics, as well as offering international consultancy focused on the Green Deal and energy transition. The company is listed on Euronext Growth Milan, organised, and managed by Borsa Italiana.

Through its subsidiary Magellan Circle, CIRCLE has been awarded the Fuels-C project. This project is funded under the Horizon Europe Programme with a total budget of approximately €4 million. CIRCLE’s share of this project is valued at €200,000 over a 42-month period.

The Fuels-C project brings together 11 partners from 7 EU countries. Its primary objectives are:

• to develop novel, sustainable advanced biofuels from low-cost organic waste and biogenic CO2 using optimised, highly efficient conversion technologies and advanced modelling approaches. This aims to reduce the EU's dependency on fossil fuels.

• to maximise the utilisation of organic carbon for biofuel production for direct use in fuel cells in transport applications, ensuring maximum conversion efficiency with renewable energy.

Magellan Circle, the only partner from Portugal in the project, will be responsible for the development of the Fuels-C Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation plan.

“FUEL-C confirms our strategy to look at innovative projects to support transport decarbonisation and our added value in terms of communication expertise” states Alexio Picco, President of Magellan Circle.