MV BBC LEER, the first new building of the “LakerMax”-series of fifteen DWT 13,000 multipurpose triple deckers, will be delivered by Taizhou Sanfu Heavy Industry, China to its owners, Leer-based Briese Group this week.

The new vessel will subsequently enter a long-term time charter with BBC Chartering for worldwide trading. The newly designed series of multipurpose heavy-lift triple deckers represents a significant leap forward in the ocean transportation of heavy-lift and project cargo. Fourteen more vessels of this type are going to be delivered to BBC Chartering until 2026.

BBC LEER and sister vessels are equipped with two Liebherr LS 250 shipboard cranes, offering a combined lifting capacity of up to 500 mt. Bridge and crew accommodation are located at the front of the ship, with the two cranes located portside. This allows for an impressive unobstructed 2,830 sqm of space on the weather deck. The two cargo holds are box shaped and offer room for almost 26,000 cbm of cargo on a floor space of close to 5,000 sqm, when two tween decks are in operation.

The higher capacity of cargo spaces below deck compared to existing tonnage allows for up to 30% reductions in GHG emissions per freight ton carried. The main large triple-deck cargo hold can accommodate cargo units under deck at a length of up to 104.3m at a width of up to 18.2m. Hatch covers and tweendecks allow for loads up to 4.0 mtons per sqm, while the tanktop can handle up to 20.0 mt per sqm, in parts up to 25.0 mt/sqm. The vessels are certified to operate with open hatches.

Whilst intended for worldwide trading, the design of the BBC ‘LakerMax‘-vessels has been optimized to still fit both the St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes. Their 6,000 kW MAN B&W main engine offers eco-friendly speeds between 13 and 15 knots.

“With BBC LEER and her sister vessels, we will be adding a fleet of most modern and versatile multipurpose heavy-lift vessels and maintain our capability to serve our clients in worldwide trades with highest efficiency and reliability.” said Ulrich Ulrichs, CEO of BBC Chartering. “Whilst the global multipurpose fleet is ageing, this investment by the Briese Group is a clear commitment to renewing our fleet with modern tonnage and maintaining our market position.”