• The commercial cooperation agreement between AeroUnión and Avianca Cargo has enabled the companies to implement high operating standards, develop new business opportunities, modernize their fleets, and consolidate their offerings in the Colombian, Mexican, and North American markets.

• The P2F A330 aircraft will offer 60% more capacity than the aging aircraft it replaces in AeroUnion's fleet.

• This marks the first of four A330 aircraft that will bolster the fleet as part of an integrated expansion strategy.

Avianca Cargo, Colombia's leading cargo carrier, and its commercial partner AeroUnion, announce the arrival of the new A330 P2F aircraft (aircraft converted from passenger to freighter), which will enhance AeroUnion's operations and consequently the service provided by both companies to customers on the West Coast.

One year after implementing the commercial cooperation agreement, AeroUnion is set to receive its first A330 P2F aircraft. This aircraft will increase cargo capacity by 60% compared to its current fleet, ratifying the announced commitment of the integrated expansion strategy. The initiative aims to enhance Avianca Cargo and AeroUnion’s joint network, with four additional A330 aircraft expected to join between 2024 and 2025.

"Freight transportation has shown significant improvement in recent years compared to pre-pandemic levels. Latin American exports have increased by approximately 16%, while imports have seen a 10% recovery. The A330 is an ideal aircraft due to its higher volumetric capacity and lower environmental impact, attributed to enhanced fuel efficiency per ton," said Diogo Elias, Senior Vice President and Leader of Avianca Cargo.

Avianca Cargo currently operates a fleet of six A330 aircraft, while AeroUnion has five more freighters. The new A330 will serve routes along the West Coast, enhancing service offerings to key markets. It will primarily transport perishable products such as fruits and flowers, as well as oversized cargo for automotive, mining, and oil sectors, along with e-commerce and parcel shipments.

The Avianca cargo route network connects to more than 68 destinations, 56 of which are online. It operates 220 cargo flights and utilizes more than 1,800 passenger flights weekly for cargo transport, solidifying its position as one of the region's largest networks and an average cargo fleet with the lowest environmental impact. Avianca Cargo is the first airline in the Americas to obtain IATA CEIV certifications in four categories: Pharma, Fresh, Live, and Lithium Batteries.

"We are happy to receive the new A330 P2F, an aircraft that comes to reinforce our service and reliability offer, increasing our volumetric capacity and improving our connectivity to the West Coast markets in our region," said Danilo Correa, Aerounion's CEO.

"Avianca Cargo has a long history of initiating innovative air cargo solutions and the one-year anniversary of its commercial agreement with AeroUnion is a testament to this legacy, as well as its commitment to creating economic opportunities here in Los Angeles," said Doug Webster, Interim Chief Operations & Maintenance Officer, Los Angeles World Airports. "LAWA is also pleased to welcome the new A330P2F aircraft to LAX. This addition will continue to enhance air freight services by meeting market demands and the evolving needs of the logistics community."