Estonia-based urgent air cargo charter operator AVEM AERO starts flying AN-12 worldwide from June 12th. The new freighter enables the company to enter new niches, including the military, and expand the geography of flights and distances: to provide air cargo charters to any part of the world and cover more kilometers in one flight. Among the top 3 most popular destinations for the AN-12 are flights within Europe, as well as from Europe to Africa and Asia.

With a payload of up to 18 tons, a flight range of 3600 km, and a ramp for loading in the tail section, AN 12 is ideal for military logistics, humanitarian aid, outsized cargo, oil well equipment, and freight operations in remote or austere locations. Complementing the freighter's technical specifications, cargo cabin dimensions are 13.5 m (length), 2.6-3.5 m (maximum width), and 2.4-2.6 m (maximum height).

“This is an important and promising step for AVEM AERO, as it allows us to enhance our capabilities in providing air cargo charters across various niches and distances. In light of the ongoing challenges in the urgent charter transportation sector for automotive parts, we needed a solution to diversify our operations to meet the market’s needs better”, says Nikolay Kurbanov, AVEM AERO’s CEO.

For its AN-12 UR-11316 AVEM AERO has signed an agreement with Motor Sich Airlines.

AVEM AERO is a company in the urgent cargo aviation market that has been operating since 2018. In addition to providing urgent air cargo charter services in Europe, North Africa, and Asia, the company also provides OCC services on outsourcе to third parties. The types of cargo transported by AVEM AERO are automotive, AOG, military, pharmaceutical, oversized, sensitive cargo, etc.