As a result of increases in inflationary and global costs, effective August 1, 2024, our ground handling charges in the U.K. are being updated, as outlined below.

1. Export Charges

Standard charge for processing and handling International, EU transhipments, excluding through air waybills:

Loose cargo: £0.15 per kg, £29.90 min.

Unitized cargo:

Rate class 1: £72.45 min.

Rate classes 2 to 6: £72.45 min.

Rate classes 7 to 9: £52.90 min.

Security Screening per consignment (mail and cargo):

Primary screening method: £0.20 per kg, £21.85 min.

Additional screening method: £0.20 per kg, £57.50 min.

Both charges apply if both methods are used

Dangerous goods acceptance check (per air waybill):

Up to 10 pieces or 10 UN numbers: £57.50

Each additional piece or UN number: £2.09

Dry ice shipments: £37.95

Dangerous goods in excepted quantities: £37.95

Radioactive materials excepted packages: £37.95

Re-check charge: £52.44

Lithium ion or metal batteries: £37.95

Additional £6.00 per certificate for shipments exceeding three dangerous goods certificates

Preparation and completion of Customs formalities:

Completion of Customs Declaration (NES) Low value, non-stat, transshipments: £41.40

Presentation of documentation (NES) upon request: £32.20

Where Customs examination is required: £46.00

Air waybill preparation: £18.40

CCA penalty fee for under-declared volume: £157.55

Charges to amend air waybill: £52.90

Labelling, including bar code labelling: £1.90 per label, £9.78 min.

Witness loading: £182.00

2. Import charges

Processing and handling of all terminating shipments, transfers to other bonds/ERTS, and through HAWBs having arrived as part of a consolidation:

Loose cargo: £0.24 per kg, £48.30 min.

Unitized cargo: £0.17 per kg, £48.30 min.

Transshipments including inter-airport related removals: Free of charge

Special cargo:

Animal quarantine/Pet passport: At cost

BIP: At cost

Environmental health charges: At cost

Customs overtime: At cost

Cold storage: At cost

Witness attendance (per person): £209.30

Processing of bank delivery orders: £20.00

Destruction of consignments at the request of a shipper, airline or health authority: At cost

3. General charges

Storage charges:

Import Shipments: £18.40 per 100 kg, per day, £18.40 min.

Export Shipments: £18.40 per 100 kg, per day, £18.40 min.

Special handling and security coverage: £209.30 per kg, £207.00 min.

House air waybill data submission charge (ACI):

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): £6.90 per HAWB

Inaccurate information amendment: £18.40

Manual input by Air Canada: £18.40 per HAWB

Re-build or re-contour shipper-built ULD: £157.55

ULD demurrage: £17.25 per 24-hour period

Until August 1, 2024, you can still refer to our charges and fees page for our current U.K. ground handling charges.